Katrina Brown is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and social scientist providing fresh perspectives on land and adventure, specialising  in telling lesser known stories from the world of environment, sport and exploration.

Katrina is travelling to Norway to interview and shoot for a film (due for release 2023) exploring how society can benefit from marine environments as we move away from oil as the focus of the sea's bounty.
Part of the BIOSHARE project, led by RURALIS and funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Where mountain biking and conservation meet ... Katrina and colleagues at the James Hutton Institute are making a film (due for release 2023) following a pioneering community-led conservation initiative involving mountain bikers and the Cairngorms Capercaillie Project.

Huge excitement that Katrina has been selected for the Scottish Documentary Institute's 'New Voices' Programme 2021/22 along with eight other bright sparks!

Katrina was invited to speak about the fresh and expanding the ways in which women and femininity are represented in adventure film at the Women in Adventure Sport Conference, 21 September 2019, National Outdoor Training Centre, Glenmore Lodge
All the presentations can be found here.

Katrina was invited to give a talk on the joys and dilemmas of mountain biking and motherhood at Fort William Mountain Festival, February 2020

Broon Coo Films' have the honour of featuring in the Shextreme Alliance's first Spotlight feature.  Check out the article here written by the brilliant Jessica Strange.